Detroit Techno 101

Detroit Dossier: Techno 101

Swoon editor Shaun Frente continues his tour of Detroit techno, building on his article which appears in issue VI of the print magazine.

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Suzy Poling & Owleyes

Conversations in Art: Suzy Poling & Owleyes

Two of our favorite artists interview each other about art, dreams and spirituality.

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Desert Light by Kelly McKay

Photographs of Joshua Tree, California by Kelly McKay

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Eye on Queer Cinema: Drew Denny on death, friendship, and her first feature film

Swoon caught up with Drew Denny, director of semi-autobiographical dark comedy The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, to discuss independent filmmaking, new projects, friendship, grief, and her favorite films from Outfest this year. Interview by Kelly McKay

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Undersea by Amanda Charchian

“Entelechy” by Amanda Charchian: hauntingly beautiful watery dream images of Los Angeles musician Ariana Delawari using a 35 mm underwater camera.

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Ryan Heffington’s KTCHN: A Dance Installation

Nolan Hendrickson’s wildly colorful paintings are brought to life in this interactive multi-dimensional dance/theater/fashion/art extravaganza. Critical without being cynical, boldly earnest with a brilliant sense of humor, utterly spectacular without sacrificing nuance or heart- Ryan Heffington’s KTCHN is an absolute pleasure to behold. Review and interview by Drew Denny

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chelsea wolfe

VIDEO: Chelsea Wolfe in a Crooked World

Video interview with Chelsea Wolfe
Directed by Charles Mallison

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OCTAVIUS: Mythmaker

Interview with William Marshall of Los Angeles-based synth duo OCTAVIUS

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GAMORA: Hieroglyphic Poetry

Brooklyn gem Gamora talks about music, brains and embryonic necessities. By Laura Li

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Seapunk: Deep Diving the URL

Laura Li chats with internet kid and Seapunk empress Zombelle about the depths and surface of aquatic youth.

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