VIDEO: Chelsea Wolfe in a Crooked World



In 2010, Chelsea Wolfe recorded her first official album, The Grime and the Glow, with an old Tascam 8-track recorder by herself and with various friends in Northern California. The result, a combination of stripped-down instrumentation, layers of vocals, haunting melodies, and tape hiss, is an AM radio broadcast from the end of the world. In her second record, Apokalypsis, released in 2011, she expands her sound more decisively towards a rock idiom, backed by a full band in a suite of songs that evoke desolate landscapes, choppy seas, and widescreen horror films played in slow motion.

Chelsea took some time with Swoon’s Charles Mallison to talk about her records, inspirations, wearing the veil, dreams, and stand-up comedy, and to sing a couple of songs too. This is her first on-camera interview.
Chelsea starts a tour of the United Kingdom and Europe on April 9 in London. She is currently writing songs for her next record, which will be recorded in 2012.
Bonus Video: Chelsea Wolfe “Halfsleeper”

Chelsea Wolfe in a Crooked World
& Halfsleeper
Directed and Edited by Charles Mallison
Director of Photography Carrie Schreck
1st Camera Brian Overend
Gaffer Samuel Partal
Sound Recording Ben Chisholm
Main Title by Jenelle Campbell


Lyrics by Rudimentary Peni
Performed by Chelsea Wolfe

Written and performed by Chelsea Wolfe

Special Thanks
Toby Bryan
Hollis McLachlan
Denni Zelikowsky

Filmed on location at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA
and Gallery 3209, Culver City, CA

Copyright 2012 Charles Mallison