Sardinian Priestesses by Ellen Rogers

Sardinian Priestesses–A Photo Series by Ellen Rogers

featuring jewelry by Daphne Descends


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      The concept for this shoot derives from a legend more than 2,000 years old. Seven native Sardinian priestesses, who were both mythical seductresses and strong independent leaders, rose againt the Romans who conquered their island, refusing to accept their gods and staying faithful to the sacral cults of their fathers. They ended up being buried alive by the invaders. These jewels are a tribute to their courage and beauty. The High Priestess character has a leading role–see her turn into a dark mermaid, or Moray eel-woman, in perfect harmony and communion with the forces of earth and sea.
      Daphne Descends is a brand created by artist Laura Lambroni in 2008 to represent her first jewelry collection. All the pieces are sort of Macbethian witch ornaments made of embroidered dried plants–branches, cortex, beehive fragments, molds, roots, mosses, stems, twigs, and seeds–all refined with gold dust, silver dust and semi-precious stones. She explores new territories of the creative process beyond the usual concept of jewelry. The inspiration for these jewels comes from Sardinia. The pieces are made with dead plants, roots and other elements from the earth and sea of the island. Laura teamed up with scenographer Black Madeleine to write the concept, set design and styling, bringing in British photographer Ellen Rogers for the shoot. The style of this extraordinary analog photographer perfectly meshes with the team’s aesthetics. Ellen Rogers is primarily a fashion photographer. Through her work, she creates timeless worlds of dark, dreamlike lands. She does not utilize any digital equipment or computer-based manipulation, choosing rather to develop her own personal techniques through experimentation with traditional darkroom processes.
Brand: Daphne Descends Arts&Crafts
Jewelry: Laura Lambroni for Daphne Descends Arts&Crafts
Photography: Ellen Rogers
Make-up: Martina Luisetti
Model: Valusha at 2Morrow Model Milan
Set Design, Concept and Styling: Black Madeleine and Laura Lambroni