The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On

On Location in the Mojave Desert

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Drew: "You’re only as old as the women you feel" - My dad used to say that all the time. It always makes me laugh. For him, it meant that even when he was 67 years old he could pretend he was 23 cause that's how old his girlfriends were. But I like to sort of invert it and think about myself as a woman who feels... A woman who feels myself and other women! Not only physically - though of course I love to touch myself and other women - but in less literal forms as well. A woman who sometimes feels like other women, who occasionally thinks and behaves as other women... Sometimes I feel ancient and sometimes brand new. I definitely ran the gamut during this filmmaking process - shifting identities between my own and my character's, between that of a performer, a director, a producer, a musician... I've never slept less and never felt so curious and so committed - so young and small but compelled and confident at the same time...

Charles: An independent feature film represents a large amount of work usually done by a small and dedicated group of people. By the time I joined the production and took this series of photos, the crew had been working together for months and had crossed the Southwest in the middle of summer, shooting the movie along the way. Shooting a movie with a lot of car scenes creates its own unique problems.