Ramona Gonzalez, a.k.a. Nite Jewel, emerged on the indie music scene in 2009 with the lo-fi sounds of her warmly-received first album, Good Evening. Now, a few years, a few new band members, and several excellent EPs later, Nite Jewel has released their second long player, One Second of Love. Crisp and vocal-oriented where Good Evening was instrumental and airy, One Second of Love reveals Gonzalez’s ambitions not just as a singer-songwriter but as a pop art diva. The record is a meeting of many kinds of musical memories: sounds from the heyday of synth pop, both iconic and obscure, surround Gonzalez’s lonely but precisely-performed vocals about love and memories of love, perhaps getting straight to the heart of what synth pop ballads are really about.


Charles Mallison met with Ramona Gonzalez at her practice space in downtown Los Angeles to talk about inspiration, music history, snare drum sounds, and piano lessons.


Nite Jewel: Do it Your Way
Directed and Edited by Charles Mallison
Director of Photography Carrie Schreck
Camera Brian Overend
Camera Tyler Harrison


Vocals and Keys Ramona Gonzalez
Drums Allison Smith
Bass and Guitar Corey Lee Granet
Keys Nicholas Krgovich


“This Story”
Written by Nite Jewel
“Another Horizon”
Written by Nite Jewel and Cole MGN


Special Thanks Josh Burrows, Hollis MacLachlan, Louann Petrucci
Filmed on location in Downtown L.A.
Produced for Swoon Magazine